The 21st China international leather exhibition will be held in August


The 21st China international leather exhibition will be held on August 29-31 at Shanghai Pudong district new international exhibition center.The total exhibition area of this exhibition will reach 92,000 square meters, and exhibitors from domestic and foreign leather, machinery and chemical enterprises will display their latest products at the eight exhibition halls in the exhibition center.

The products exhibited by the exhibitors will include all products of leather and footwear processing industry chain, such as finished products, footwear accessories, chemical products and machinery. Many of the world's leading suppliers of leather chemical materials will use this exhibition platform to showcase their latest products and technologies.

Like previous exhibitions, this year there will be 20 major producers of leather national pavilion to participate in the exhibition, which will once again prove to the China international leather fair, as the important role of leather industry trade platform, all of the products and the main original leather leather processing industry chain and chemical suppliers will appear at the conference.

In the past few years, China's leather industry has experienced many challenges and difficulties, such as: strict environmental limit competition leads to many small businesses closed and synthetic materials and cheap labor countries such as Vietnam's competition. But by 2017 there are signs of a marked improvement in China's leather industry.

According to the latest report from the China leather association, the export of all products in China's leather industry has stabilized in 2017, with the total value of the leather industry reaching us $787 billion, up 3.11% year on year. Imports of leather and leather goods increased 10.7 percent.

Data released by the China leather association confirmed a report, report says China's consumer demand for luxury goods is increasing, 2017 luxury goods in China's retail sales soared by 20%, beyond the EU countries 10% increase.

In 2017, China imported 706,200 tons of semi-finished leather, with imports of us $1.46 billion, imports increased by 5.5% and imports of finished goods of $2.1 billion, but imports fell by 12%.

Chinese international leather fair is not only an important trading platform, is also a important place of information exchange and access, it reflects the leather and leather raw material market demand and price movements, is that I wish to enter the Chinese market enterprise to obtain trade contract do not miss the opportunity.Each year will have 23000 buyers to visit China leather fair, Shanghai exhibition for exhibitors and buyers to arrange the meeting, China international exhibition of leather in the leather industry and trade will play the more and more important role.



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