Promote the development of leather science and technology to promote industrial exchange


---The interview with the international leather technologist and chemist association (IULTCS) former and current President.

IULCTS, the international association of leather technologists and chemists, has been working to promote academic exchanges and technological advances in leather technology(including leather belts supplier)and to enjoy high reputation in the industry.At the beginning of the new year, the new President, Thomas c. j.,who was the senior advisor of the Taiwan international leather association, took office.In order to review the development of IULTCS and celebrate the appointment of the new President,giving an exclusive interview with the current President, Thomas c. j. and former President Dr. Dietrich.

Reporter: Dietrich, PhD, from 2016 to 2017, the international leather technologists and chemists association chairman as international leather technologists and chemists association President, can you summarize the work during your tenure of office?

Dr. Dietrich: Historically, 33 people have held important positions as President of the association.In particular, over the past 10 years, my predecessor has worked extremely well, giving further play to the role of the association in the global leather industry and its responsibilities.These two years, I believe, in encouraging young people to develop business, and technological achievements, set new test standard scientific framework and cope with the challenge of industry, we are on the way to the success to move on.In reviewing my work during my tenure, I am confident that the path we have taken is correct.

Reporter:How do you evaluate the future role of the association in the leather industry?

Dr. Dietrich: There are three associations representing the global leather industry, ICT, ICSHLTA, and IULTCS, each playing an important role in complementation.As mentioned above, the international leather technologists and chemists association represents the leather industry of scientific research organization, on the basis of scientific evaluation and conclusions to guide the global leather industry development, promote innovation and improve the ISO test method of leather.I am very happy that in the next four years, our association will have a new successors who are rich in international experience.

Reporter: First of all, congratulations on being elected as President of the 35th international federation of leather craftsmen and chemists.The IULTCS international conference is one of the highlights of every President's work. The biennial international conference will be organized by member states on different continents.What are your expectations for this session and your German colleagues at the 2019 conference, which is set to be held in Dresden, Germany?

Thomas Yu:As you know, when it comes to leather science and technology, the continent of Europe gives us more opportunities to expand the scope of our staff.In particular, the downstream sector of the leather industry, which is home to major European car makers and European brands and retailers worldwide.This is a great opportunity for all participants to broaden their horizons and communicate widely.We hope that our organizer will complete the task of organizing this session.



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