How To Care For Your Handbags


Whether it’s a vintage leather hand-me-down or a designer splurge—read on for pro tips to take care of your carryall.

One stage,one piece of leather


Liu Zhixi and his leather carving works Liu Zhixi does leather carving in his workshopThere is such a person in China, his name is Liu Zhixi.The most unforgettaBelts Manufacturer ,Supplier and Exporter from China

The application of plasma incineration technology in the waste gas treatment


PU leather is the skin of polyurethane.The vast majority of its applications are used for the decoration of shoes, cars, bags,furnitureand belts which is producBelts Manufacturer ,Supplier and Exporter from China

ISO9001---Quality assurance system


ISO 9001 was converted from the world's first quality management system standard BS5750.It is by far the most mature quality framework in the world and more thaBelts Manufacturer ,Supplier and Exporter from China



The belt materials used by belts manufacturerthrough processing are usually genuine leather, artificial leather, PU, PVC.You must be afraid that buy other materBelts Manufacturer ,Supplier and Exporter from China

The belt design


As a fashion accessory, the belt has become an integral part of the fashion image and plays the role of the highlight point in the whole cloth match.The style oBelts Manufacturer ,Supplier and Exporter from China

Three levels of belt and how to identify genuine leather belt


Beltsmainly have three levels, which are the first layer of leather belt, the two-layer cowhide belt,PUor regenerative leather belt.As men belts suppliersand cuBelts Manufacturer ,Supplier and Exporter from China

Men belt create the masculine charm of successful men


For women, wearing a belt is optional.But for men,its necessary.Now,men belt has become a symbol of masculinity.As a belts supplier, we produce both men and womBelts Manufacturer ,Supplier and Exporter from China

Leather processing and characteristics


Theres so many belt materials.BUYREAL Belt,a women belts supplier,can manufacture the most of them.Here are some brief introductions of some materials.Water dyeBelts Manufacturer ,Supplier and Exporter from China

The use of belts on clothing


We all know that the practicality and decoration of wholesalebeltsare organically integrated and mutually reinforcing.Belt also has the role of showing off wealBelts Manufacturer ,Supplier and Exporter from China



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