"Made in Zhejiang Province" chase the international standard to promote the quality of the industry


"The standard is the speaking right."According to Liao Yi,the deputy general manager of Zhengtai group, Zhejiang province manufacturing is undergoing transformation, included the belts manufacturer,and the key to transformation is mastering the standard.With the gradual deepening of the "Zhejiang manufacturing" certification system, more and more Zhejiang enterprises have become the "markers" in the industry field.They also gain more market power and promote the overall quality of the industry.

Zhejiang global filter co., LTD. is a single champion enterprise in China's filter industry.In the process of manufacturing brand certification in Zhejiang province, the enterprise has forced itself to implement the quality strategy.They are the first to standardize the series of filter products, and unify the products from more than 1,000 varieties to 100 varieties.In 2016, the company took the lead in formulating the Zhejiang manufacturing standard for the diesel oil filter, and obtained the certification of Zhejiang manufacturing in early 2017.

The enterprise feel the "dividends" brought by Zhejiang manufacturing brands.In 2016, the main business income of Zhejiang global filter co., ltd. increased by 13% from 2015.At the same time, the production cost of the product has been greatly reduced, so that the enterprise has obtained the sustainable development space.

"The brand certification made in Zhejiang is not big or strong, but rather an excellent." said Wu Xinjian, the chief engineer of Zhejiang quality and technical supervision bureau.All kinds of enterprises in Zhejiang should be involved in the system, which can be standardized and marked to improve the overall competitiveness of enterprises.

In addition to the leading role of enterprises, Zhejiang province also actively promotes the standardization of small and medium-sized enterprises and forms the development trend of all kinds of enterprises.

Wenzhou shoes industry association executive director Xie Rongfang told reporters that,in recent years, shoes leather association actively lead the industry enterprises, formulating the meet the requirements of the "domestic first-class, international advanced" shoes "made in Zhejiang province" brand standard.In order to demonstrate the advanced nature of the standard, the working group also purchased foreign famous leather shoes for comparison with domestic production of shoe products.

In Wenzhou, the government has created a standard support service platform to build standard incubation base projects, and help enterprises to improve standards.In addition, Wenzhou has set up a standardized expert database to improve the standardization work ability and standard technology level, to promote the transformation of standardized results, and to build a work pattern of "big standards".

At present, 71 enterprises in Zhejiang province have received 119 certificates of "made in Zhejiang", and a large number of "made in Zhejiang" brands are taking root in this province.As a professional leather belts supplier,which is located in Zhejiang province,we will always make each of our products meet the standard.



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